Fondation de la Société québécoise d'hypertension artérielle

M. Guilain
57 years old

I am Guilain Yombo, today I will describe my story of hypertension. It started one morning in 2012, when I woke up, my chest was very sore and it was also hard to breathe.

I decided to go see a doctor at the hospital to tell him about my symptoms. When I arrived, I was welcomed by a kind nurse, who measured my pressure. During the pressure measurement, I saw a certain worry in this nurse’s eyes. Afterwards, she spoke to me calmly that my pressure was much too high. Subsequently, the doctor came to examine me, to inform me that I must be kept in the hospital for treatment because of my blood pressure. I was hospitalized for two weeks for several tests and treatments because the high blood pressure had damaged my kidneys and my heart to the point where there was water on my lungs.

It was a very difficult mental and physical ordeal, but thanks to the treatments, my blood pressure is now very well controlled and its harmful effects on my kidneys and my heart have been corrected. I continue to put all my heart and thoughts into the medications I take every day.