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The Testimonials

Hypertension can be diagnosed not only in adults and the elderly, but also in children, adolescents, pregnant and postpartum women.

My experience with high blood pressure began in my early 50s.

Being overweight and experiencing periods of stress, I began to experience rapid heartbeats while resting. Since I had a blood pressure monitor at home, I started recording my blood pressure readings. The numbers were higher than normal, but I didn't worry too much, thinking that with a little rest and trying to reduce stress, they would gradually decrease. Although I tried hard to bring them down, the numbers only increased over time, to the point where I called the pharmacy for fear of going to the hospital. I was recommended to contact my doctor as soon as possible.

I was prescribed blood pressure medication which I reluctantly agreed to take. I felt like a failure because I had to take this pill. I felt like I hadn't taken care of my health by gaining weight and leading a sedentary lifestyle.

I started making small changes, walking every day, paying more attention to what I ate, etc. After a year, I lost about twenty pounds, which allowed me to reduce the amount of medication I needed. I continue to take my medication. My blood pressure is now well controlled and I feel good.

My story of high blood pressure began during my first pregnancy.

It was during an obstetrics appointment, for my pregnancy follow-up, that the doctor suspected something abnormal in my blood pressure. At 32 weeks, my pressure being high, I was sent for slightly more precise tests at the CHUS de Fleurimont, in Sherbrooke.

I was then diagnosed with preeclampsia. Anxious, and waiting for information, I had explanations from 5 or 6 doctors before understanding exactly what it was. My blood pressure was quite high, so I was hospitalized at 34 weeks, for a total of 2 weeks, including my delivery. I had daily monitoring to check my state of health, as well as that of my baby, accompanied by a group of professionals (nurses, medical interns and doctors) who were attentive and incredibly kind. I was given medication during my hospital stay to control my high blood pressure and continued this medication for a few days after returning home. Everything came back to normal afterwards.

After leaving the hospital, I talked to people around me and learned that more people than you think experience preeclampsia. Some have experienced it or others have known people around them, but it’s not something you hear a lot about. Which can be worrying when we learn that we have it, especially during a first pregnancy.

My daughter is in perfect health, full of curiosity and smiles, we couldn't wish for better! Our little family is not finished, we would like to have other children eventually. We don't know what the next pregnancy will bring, which can be worrying given that I'm more at risk of experiencing some of the same kind of situation again. We have more information now and we will continue to stay informed to keep our family healthy!

High blood pressure came into my life around the age of 43. First associated with family history, a sign of menopause or stress, so I took medication to control my hypertension for about 13 years.

It was during an x-ray for another medical situation that the radiologist noticed an abnormality on one of my adrenal glands, which turned out to be an adenoma. It was at this time, in 2018, that I was taken care of by a team from the Sacré-Cœur hospital in Montreal. My potassium was below normal.

I was then diagnosed with hyperaldosteronemia or Conn syndrome which was causing my hypertension. So I had several tests and was followed by nephrology to come to the conclusion that it would be preferable to proceed with a unilateral adrenalectomy.

At the beginning, I admit that the operation wasn't on my list of options.

However, after discussing my fears with the nephrologist, I made the decision to proceed with the operation in 2019. Less than two weeks after the operation, I was no longer taking medication and am now in the normal range of blood pressure... except when I go to my medical appointments. The famous white coat syndrome!

Primary hyperaldosteronism is a relatively common (up to 20%) adrenal gland disease that causes high blood pressure. In some people, it is possible to cure the disease, and the high blood pressure, with surgery.

In my early 40s, I started having high blood pressure. At the time, I was smoking 2 packs a day and was about 30 pounds overweight.

My father had also been hypertensive, in addition to suffering from diabetes and having had a problem with obesity. He had developed heart problems and had to undergo quadruple bypass surgery. He died at the age of 52.

Given my high blood pressure numbers and my busy family history, my doctor immediately prescribed antihypertensive treatment. A diabetes problem also appeared around the age of 45 and I had to start taking medication for this new problem.

I then decided that I needed to start making changes to control my blood pressure and sugar levels so that I didn't let things get out of control. So I quit smoking and started losing weight by watching what I ate. However, I still have difficulty exercising regularly.

Today, years later, although I still take medication for my blood pressure and diabetes, I am happy that my medical situation is stable and well controlled without having to increase the dosage of my treatment.

[ br] My blood pressure at home is normal, but when I go to my doctor's office, of course, it goes up...

I am Guilain Yombo, today I will describe my story of hypertension. It started one morning in 2012, when I woke up, my chest was very sore and it was also hard to breathe.

I decided to go see a doctor at the hospital to tell him about my symptoms. When I arrived, I was welcomed by a kind nurse, who measured my pressure. During the pressure measurement, I saw a certain worry in this nurse's eyes. Afterwards, she spoke to me calmly that my pressure was much too high. Subsequently, the doctor came to examine me, to inform me that I must be kept in the hospital for treatment because of my blood pressure. I was hospitalized for two weeks for several tests and treatments because the high blood pressure had damaged my kidneys and my heart to the point where there was water on my lungs.

It was a very difficult mental and physical ordeal, but thanks to the treatments, my blood pressure is now very well controlled and its harmful effects on my kidneys and my heart have been corrected. I continue to put all my heart and thoughts into the medications I take every day.

Elena P.
61 years old
Pénélope P. and Océane P.
28 years old and 5 months old
Sylvie B.
61 years old
Gilbert V.
64 years old
M. Guilain
57 years old