Fondation de la Société québécoise d'hypertension artérielle

Elena P.
61 years old

My experience with high blood pressure began in my early 50s.

Being overweight and experiencing periods of stress, I began to experience rapid heartbeats while resting. Since I had a blood pressure monitor at home, I started recording my blood pressure readings. The numbers were higher than normal, but I didn’t worry too much, thinking that with a little rest and trying to reduce stress, they would gradually decrease. Although I tried hard to bring them down, the numbers only increased over time, to the point where I called the pharmacy for fear of going to the hospital. I was recommended to contact my doctor as soon as possible.

I was prescribed blood pressure medication which I reluctantly agreed to take. I felt like a failure because I had to take this pill. I felt like I hadn’t taken care of my health by gaining weight and leading a sedentary lifestyle.

I started making small changes, walking every day, paying more attention to what I ate, etc. After a year, I lost about twenty pounds, which allowed me to reduce the amount of medication I needed. I continue to take my medication. My blood pressure is now well controlled and I feel good.